RETURN TO EUROPE - Foreign Policy in Post-Conflict Period

RETURN TO EUROPE - Foreign Policy in Post-Conflict Period

Jadranko Prlić
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In the pre-war period he held the office of president of the Mostar City Government, vice-president of the Republican Government, and director general of the Apro-Hercegovina Holding Company.
During the war he was a member and official of the highest bodies of the Croatian people and of the executive/political government authorities in the HVO-controlled areas of BiH.
Under an agreement between the Bosniac and Croat side on the implementation of the Vance-Owen Plan, in May 1993 he was appointed prime minister in the Interim BiH Government. After the signing of the Washington Agreement he filled the post of deputy prime minister in the Republic/Federation Government and of defence minister in the same Government. He participated in the peace negotiations on Bosnia and Herzegovina in Dayton (Ohio, USA, 1995).

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